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How safe is it to make purchases from your online store with my credit card?

For the security of data that is transmitted via the Web page, the VeriSign SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software is used for the guarantee of safe on-line commercial transactions. SSL is a protocol of communication that encrypts the communication between your terminal and the electronic shop server. In that way all personal information is encrypted, including the credit card number, name and address so as not to be read or modified during their online transmittance. The encryption of your data is exceptionally powerful and is considered practically inviolable. The credit card transactions are done through secure online transaction merchants.

What is the delivery period?

Orders get delivered within 4-7 Business days Australia wide including most country areas 7-10 Business days Australia Wide for WA country, far North QLD and most of NT, outside Alice Springs and Darwin. Deliveries are made within work hours by the respective courier company to the address referred on the order form.

What is the delivery cost?

For all orders over $150 the shipping cost will be FREE. For all orders under $150 the shipping cost will be $9.95.

Can I return something that I bought online to a Mini Raxevsky store?

Of course, at all Mini Raxevsky stores you can exchange your purchased product. Please bring with you receipt or prove of purchase showing price and date of purchase.

How can I pay for my purchases?

- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, PayPal, ZipPay and AfterPay

Are the prices of products in the online store the same as in the Mini Raxevsky stores?

Normally, the prices of the products in the online store are exactly the same as in the Mini Raxevsky boutiques. However, on occasions prices in the category “Promotion” are only valid for online purchases. From time to time we may have discounts and promotions in our boutiques which are not shown on our website.  Join Mini Raxevsky Club and you will be the first to receive our news and special offers.

Will I find the same selection of products online as I would in a Mini Raxevsky store?

Mini Raxevsky boutiques due the limited space can only cary some of the collections. Mini Raxevsky online store is one of the stores in the Mini Raxevsky chain and has full selection of products offered for sale.

Are the products that I see online the same as the products in the Mini Raxevsky stores?

Yes, the products of the Mini Raxevsky online store are the same as any other store in the chain.

What do I do if I want to change my information?

If you would like to change your personal information you can "Log In” and go to "My Account”, there you can edit any information.

During the sales period will you have the same discounts in the online store as in the Mini Raxevsky retail stores?

Yes, the Mini Raxevsky policy price does not change in general, however we may have some exclusive online and in store promotions.

Do I have the choice of interest free instalments?

Yes, Mini Raxevsky is using ZipPay and AfterPay facility to provide opportunity to own our product and pay by instalments. ZipPay and AfterPay are independent of Mini Raxevsky organisation and require customers to open account with them.

What currency can I make my transactions with?

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Will I have to pay customs taxes or fees?

Currently we only ship within Australia with all products subject to GST. When we open up shipping internationally, customers outside Australia may be subject to possible additional charges due to differences in currency exchange rates, customs handling fee, import taxes and local demands. The customer is responsible for these fees.

Can I buy a product online and have it sent as a gift to a friend?

Of course you can, as long as you fill in the mailing address and information of the receiver. Also, you can choose the option of adding a card with the wishes you want to write by stating this in the additional order comments, free of charge.

What should I do if I do not receive what I have ordered?

If there are any problems with the delivery the courier service that we work with will contact you, this is why it is important to include your contact number. Of course Mini Raxevsky is always available by phone at 02 80334555 or email at

Can I exchange the product if I am not satisfied with it?

Of course! You have the option of exchanging your purchase either by visiting the Mini Raxevsky store closest to you or, by mailing the item back to us. For more details please read the Return Policy section.

Can I have a refund if I am not satisfied with the product?

Mini Raxevsky believes that due to its range of products the customer does not need to resort to this option. If you do not believe there is an alternative option, you have the right to return the goods and request a refund, within 14 calendar days from the date you receive your goods. If the return is not made within 14 days then Mini Raxevsky Australia cannot accept the return. We emphasize that the date of return of the product will be that which is indicated by the courier's receipt.

What is my limit in which I can ask for a refund?

You have the right to return the goods and request a full refund of the purchase price excluding delivery cost within 14 calendar days from the date you receive your goods. If the return is not made within 14 days then Mini Raxevsky Australia cannot accept the return. We emphasize that the date of return of the product will be that which is indicated by the couriers receipt.

How can I make sure my order is correct?

When you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and your order number. If you don’t receive an email please contact us by phone at 02 80334555 or email at

Can I track my order?

Upon submission of your order you will automatically receive an email with your order details. You will also receive an email with the date of dispatch and order number by which you can track your order on the “Track your order” page. Alternatively, if you do not have an e-mail you can contact us by phone 02 80334555 In case that there are any problems with your order we will contact you in advance.



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