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The story of Dimitra Raxevsky and her family takes us way back in the mists of time, in Czarist Russia. A fascinating story, just like the classic novels. Her grandfather, well known philhellene of a large Russian family, arrived to our country from Russia in 1912, in order to build his own "little empire". His footsteps were followed by the parents of Dimitra Raxevsky when in 1953 they began the production and sale of garments to wholesale customers throughout Greece, rapidly building one of the first largest vertical exporting units in the Balkans. Dimitra Raxevsky was the youngest of the three daughters of the family and since the age of five the factory monopolized her interest. Even before she had reached her teenage years, she had learned to design, sew and cut all kind of clothes. Nobody ever pressured her to do so; all of her interest was derived from the great love and devotion she had for the clothes. When other children of her age enjoyed their vacation and the only thing they had in mind was playing, she found absolute pleasure in continuing to work passionately, constantly evolving her knowledge, resulting that from a very young age she could know everything regarding the construction and progress of clothes, which of course proved more than useful in the progress of her career.

She was away from the factory only for a while, just during the time she took to study economics in London, and got back in 1979, with a greater appetite for hard work and equipped with dreams for the future. It was then that her dream began to slowly take shape, opening her first store with clothing for women in Kifissia, named Miss Raxevsky. In this way, the name Miss Raxevsky entered for the first time in the Greek market. A few years later, in 1982, Dimitra Raxevsky decided to partnered with her sister, Helen, opening two more historic Stores, one in Kolonaki and another one in Patision Avenue. By 1989, they had opened seven more Miss Raxevsky stores, consolidating their name in the opinion of their colleagues, competitors and the public. However it was about time for Dimitra Raxevsky to do something of her own. It was then when Avedis Balian appeared and they began a dynamic cooperation founding Mini Raxevsky children’s clothing, which had excellent quality, style and elegance just like Miss Raxevsky women’s clothing. Their course, in fact, was so upward and demanding that Dimitra Raxevsky decided to devote herself entirely to children's clothing and leave the women’s clothing to her sister: "The children's clothing always triggered me, especially when I experienced it as a creator" says and reveals with her words the great love she has for what she does.

"We started our dream with caution, but with ample appetite for work and we managed to build our own little empire step by step. For us, children are our priority and designing clothes is more than just a profession. We want to see joy painted in their eyes and contentment reflected in the eyes of their parents. I am absolutely delighted and proud about what we have accomplished so far, because it was the result of hard work and perseverance. The family of Mini Raxevsky promises to continue its successful work in the future, creating higher standards for the fashion industry.

…designing for children is what makes us complete... "


Dimitra Raxevsky

Founder of Mini Raxevsky                                                                                                                                

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