Brand Ambassador Program explanation

Mini Raxevsky Australia introduced Brand Ambassadors program offering discount to our ambassadors for purchase of our garments and to earn additional bonus points using our referral program. This created some controversy among our followers.

We have thought hard and long about our Brand Ambassador Program and let us explain why our program is designed the way as it is.

Originally we were going to use the most common system where a company selects a couple ambassadors based on the large follow group on social media, sign strict contract for about 6 or 12 months providing clothes for free. After that period to refresh social images they would sign contracts with new ambassadors and repeat the cycle. That is the easiest way.

But then we were involved with few fashion shows and meet mothers with young kids who would love to get involved with our brand. As you can imagine their following groups were not near 20,000 or more. We were stuck with a dilemma of what to do as we cannot and no one can provide free clothes for several brand ambassadors. Plus having a smaller group of followers impacts the ambassador’s availability to promote the brand. Shall we ignore those kids who love our clothes and stick with the commonly known system? 

We came up with our unique solution. Our program allows anyone to become a mini raxevsky brand ambassador regardless of how advanced their follower group is. Some brand ambassadors are just starting by setting up social media account and the followers as you guessed is none. We do not require to sign strict contracts, nor impose strict requests. The only reason to have signed form is to acknowledge that we may use the images on our social media and our website which we have already started. is already using our ambassadors images in featured product section.

Not being able to offer free clothing we decided to provide clothes to our ambassadors at a 40% discount. You don’t make money when you’re offering all the time a 40% discount therefore, this is only to recuperate our cost of importing clothes from Europe. Furthermore, to compensate brand ambassadors expenses, our program allows brand ambassadors to earn money through referral programs which hopefully will allow them to get our clothes for free or even earn additional income.

No brand ambassador program is perfect. We believe our program is the most fair for kids and allows them to participate, gain exposure build up their followers and confidence. We even give the decision to them if they want to continue with our program or opt out

We apologies to mums who expected free clothing with our brand ambassador program. But we strongly believe that every kid should have a chance to dreams and grow in confidence. Kids deserve to smile.

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