Mini Raxevsky Brand Ambassador

Mini Raxevsky Australia is offering a special program that allows anyone who has previously purchased or whom love our exclusive kids clothing to earn commission simply by sharing the experience and love of Mini Raxevsky products with others.

How does it work?

Once you officially become an Ambassador, we will issue you with a unique code offering a 25% discount to potential purchasers from our Recommended Purchase Price. You can share that code with your family, friends & followers on social media. If a purchase of a Mini Raxevsky product is made using your unique code, you as an Ambassador and referral for that purchase will receive 15% commission on that sale.
At the end of each month we will generate a report showing all Ambassadors referrals sales and email that report to our Ambassadors. Once your bonus reaches $100.00 or more we will deposit your earned commission in to your account or you can use that money for purchase with us.
Furthermore, for every 10 successful referrals (purchases using your unique Brand Ambassador code) you’ll also receive a $50.00 Mini Raxevsky gift voucher as an additional way to recognize your investment of time in the Ambassador program.
Many of our customers report that whilst when they are out with their kids wearing Mini Raxevsky clothes, friends and bystanders often enquire where to purchase the kids clothes. In a lot of those cases, it turns out to be the first time that they have seen Mini Raxevsky kids clothes.
As an Ambassador, you can choose to receive complimentary business cards that you can distribute during such encounters. The cards will contain your unique discount code. Therefore if that chance encounter turns into a sale and the buyer includes that discount code with their purchase it will count towards your monthly referral status.

How we can help you?

When you become our Brand Ambassador you will be given the opportunity to a one hour professional photography session with a Mini Raxevsky Brand Photographer at our cost.

What we expect

We strongly encourage our Ambassadors to post minimum of one picture per week wearing Mini Raxevsky clothing in natural settings. Any posting on social media will need to include hashtags and references to Mini Raxevsky Australia.
To keep your images fresh and unique we would expect that a minimum of 2 garments will be purchased from each of our summer and winter collections.

How do I get started?

It’s simple! Just contact us  here and let us know that you’d like to become an Ambassador. We’ll send you a brief application form and get you started in just a few hours. There is no risk, commitment or obligation. At any time you can opt out of the program by simply sending us an email to say that you decided not to continue with the program and we will remove you and your discount code from our Ambassadors list.

Most frequently asked questions

Can Ambassadors purchase for themselves and get 25% purchase discount as a customer plus the additional 15% referral bonus?
Yes of course you can!
We love our product and we are happy to share it with our brand Ambassadors.
If you have made a couple sales referrals sales the product that you like will be discounted by 40% plus your referral bonus you have accumulated.

How the sale and bonus is calculated
Let say the product cost $120
Customer will receive 25% discount on $120 and will pay $90.00 for the product.
Ambassadors will received 15% commission on $90 which is $13.50

How much can I earn?
How much money you can expect to see from being an Ambassador depends on a number of factors, including where you live and how big your social media and community engagement is, but ultimately the more you share on social media the greater the likelihood of your discount code being used for purchases.
We do not impose any limits on your earnings nor frequency of your social media engagement, so the rest is up to you!

If you have any further questions about becoming an Ambassador, please contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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